Keep enjoying sex

In order to continue enjoying your sex life, you can ask your partner to help you try more comfortable sex positions, until you find the most suitable one for both. In all cases, do not hesitate to ask your physician for advice in case you experience unusual pain, burning sensation or discomfort. Avoid...

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Rid yourselves of vaginal dryness

The easiest way to rid yourself of dryness is by using a water-soluble lubricant. This product adheres to the vaginal mucus membrane forming a protective barrier, healing the damaged tissue, restoring elasticity, and relieving pain, burning sensation and discomfort. Avoid...

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Small TIPS

During the week, try to consume appropriate protein sources that contain iron of high nutritional value. These include red meat, poultry, eggs (3-5 per week), fish, and legumes. Use....

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Healthy eating habits

Adopting a healthy diet, low in animal fats, sugar and salt, containing a lot of fruits, vegetables, and dairies can alleviate the symptoms of menopause and contribute towards better health. The consumption of foods that are rich in calcium, such as dairies, almonds, broccoli and green leafy vegetables, as well as the intake of vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium and is mainly produced in our body by exposure to sunlight, are both necessary...

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Weight gain

Weight gain is caused by several reasons such as an extended decrease in basal metabolic rate, low energy, and increased food consumption, possibly due to limited estrogens or mild depression symptoms. That is why proper diet is necessary, as it seems to play an important role in the prevention and cure...

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Diet during menopause

Menopause is a normal period in every woman’s life that marks the end of her reproductive years and can occur between the 45th and 55th year of her life. This period affects a woman’s life both physically and emotionally. It is characterised by menstrual disorders and a final end approximately at the age...

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