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After several years of excellent cooperation in the field of gynecology, driven by a passion for medicine, our team, headed by gynecologists Maria Papadopoulou and Evangelia Prapa, joined forces in order to establish this model gynecology centre.


Live in harmony with your body and yourself!

As time goes by, natural developments in a woman’s body caused by childbirth or hormonal changes may lead to undesirable conditions, such as urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, dryness and recrudescent infections. All the above may reduce the quality of your life and lower your self-confidence. Nowadays, in modern medical gynecology we perform invasive treatments with impressive results in a number of gynecological conditions, irrespective of your age or the stage of your life. They are short, painless, completely safe and offer high quality results. We feel that every woman deserves to enjoy well-being through her femininity and to live in harmony with her body and herself.

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